The Water Cycle Plus a FREEBIE

Do you ever find yourself teaching off of a "To Do List" instead of by cohesive plans? That was me Thursday.  It was catch up day. {My intern is doing some of her own plans this week and not doing everything my team has planned}.

We started off reviewing past/present tense verbs  that we first learned in December during Common Core Unit 3.

We added the future tense verbs to our anchor chart.  Then, kids sorted past, present and future tense verb sentences in collaborative groups.

Next, we continued our weather unit and reviewed the water cycle from last week.  We sang our water cycle song {click here for the original source}.  The kids absolutely LOVE this song!  Then we made our own water cycle collaborative posters.  Any time my firsties get scraps to cut and glue they are 100% engaged.  It's their favorite.  And it had a great learning purpose {use pictures to represent the water cycle}.

This took us some time, but it was so much more meaningful than any labeling worksheet or coloring page!

...And...I think they turned out so sTiNkiN' cute! I'm totally uh-bsessed with kid art!!

I love the wavy evaporation lines on this one!

And the teeny tiny clouds on this one, but the HUGE snow caps on the mountains....

After our water cycle project {plus MAJOR kid-vaccuuming afterwards...}, we added our last weather cause and effect to our anchor chart and talked about "cue" words like "because," "so," and "if....then," for cause and effect.

Then students cut and pasted pictures into this cause and effect pages and drew 2 of their own cause and effect pictures. {{{Click here for the FREEBIE!}}}

So to sum up my day: verb tense sort {check}, water cycle posters {check}, cause/effect {check}, math story problems {check}, guided reading {check}....PHEW!

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