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I don't know about my other teacher friends, but I am ex-hau-sted.  Like, the totally exhausted kind.  Today, more than ever, I'm so thankful for the two snow days last week, because it means that last week was only 4 days long (with Saturday school!) instead of 6 days!  Then Sunday morning was Spring Forward, which is a dreaded holiday for heavy sleepers like myself!  So between Saturday School, Daylight Savings Time, and a full week this week, I'm plain ol' worn out!

I guess that's why I was kind of a slacker on blogging this week.  Oh, well.  I'll do better.  I've taken some pictures here and there this week, just haven't had the energy to blog it all out.

So, I've decided to do another...

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1.  We are starting to finish up our unit on American Contributors.  We've learned about George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Black History contributors, Ben Franklin and Thomas Edison so far.  This week's contributor was on Alexander Graham Bell.  We read about Alex and charted our learning. {It absolutely drives me crazy that I found a typo in Alex's name after we finished the chart...but as exhausted as I was this week, even this OCD gal didn't have the energy to redo it...}

And we added his most important contribution to our light bulb charts that hang above each table group in our classroom.

2.  Since we were learning about Mr. Bell, we tied in a little science and made telephone cups and tested out how well they worked.  The kids loved this oldie-but-goodie!

3.  We also talked about whether we would rather live before or after the telephone invention and they came up with some great ideas for both sides!  Here are two of my fav's...

{200 years to get to Mexico...I just love the brains of first graders!}

4. Taking a hard right on to math this week...we have been using the Standards for Math Practice to set goals for our kids during Math Mysteries {story problems}.  My kids have loved these.  Their favorite so far has been our "friendly arguments" chart--inspired by practice #3: Construct viable arguments and critique others.  They love making their "critical thinking face" when we look at their friends' work.  And it has changed how they talk about their friends' math.

In fact, we've even tied it in to literacy!  Last week, I paired up students with their writing journals.  They listened to each other read and then used our friendly arguments chart to give their partner feedback.  They were so engaged and took their critiquing was absolutely adorable.

We've had informal things set up this year for feedback {like star-star-wish}, but this has helped my kids speak in complete sentences and focus on the "meat" of the math {or writing!} and not just the fluffy stuff!  I'll definitely be doing this much earlier in the year next year! And now, I have some kid-friendly checklists and rubrics to help out!

5.  Last but not least... I bought this super cute western party banner from Hobby Lobby last summer.  It was less than 3 bucks, but I just couldn't ever find the perfect spot for it.  Last week, it finally came to me that it might look great in the extra space above my cabinets.  I just adore it up there!  It makes me smile every time I see it!

Sometimes, happiness is found in the smallest and cheapest of things! {or else, I'm just easy to please...}

Now, off to bed and catch up on my sleep...zzz...

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