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Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St. Patty's Day!

It's that holiday when 7 year olds start pinching each other whether they are wearing green or not... Happy St. Patrick's Day, ya'll!  We celebrated throughout the day today in first grade!

First, we read, this book and the kids wrote about a time when they had a lucky day!  Although it's been changed some, the original idea is not mine and is a few years old!  But, hey, cute ideas are worth repeating, right??

Then we made this leprechaun craft.  The instructions, masters and writing paper are "stuck" in my American Contributors unit because that's what Common Core unit we are on right now and I don't have a St. Patrick's packet made up at this time....

I just love that a "cut it out and glue it just like mine" craft can turn out so unique for each of my firsties.  They each put their own creative spin on it and they turned out adorable!

We are smack dab in the middle of end of quarter testing this week.  So, honestly, I just didn't have time for any activity that wasn't a quarterly assessment or preparation for an assessment.  The luckiest day writing was used as a prep time for my kids to practice narrative writing because we have not done much of that during this unit.  They will be doing a narrative writing for me to assess for report cards tomorrow, so they needed a chance to practice!

In Math, we are...assessing, assessing, assessing this week, too!  But, I decided to add a little IRISH twist to today's assessment.  We do Counting Collections once a week to practice on counting to 120, skip counting and grouping objects by 10's.  I decided to reassess my kids and see how well they could do this on their own today. {Normally, they do counting collections with a partner!}  Each firstie got a pot o' gold {with around 120 pieces of cut, 1x1 yellow squares.}

As is our normal procedure during Counting Collections, my kids counted how many pieces of gold they had in their pot {just on their own!}.  They can count however they choose, whichever way they understand best, and whichever way is the most efficient way for them to count with *precision.*
Most of them grouped by 10's and counted.

A few grouped by 5's.

One boy grouped by 20's.

This little sweetie counted by 2's inside of his groups of 10!

Some counted by 1's.

You could hear a pin drop in my room.  Those babies were so intent on counting to see how "rich" they were!  Who knew assessment could be so fun!!

I plan to post more details on Counting Collections later so follow my Facebook page if you are interested.  I'll give you all the details of how I set everything up, pictures, how I group kids...pretty much the detailed scoop!

Later, we read our "I'm a Little Leprechaun" poem from my K-2 Year Long Poetry Packet.  We highlighted words in the -old word family.

Then, we added those words and other -old words to our word family chart.

Once I got home, it was time for some St. Patty's fun with my almost 18 month old {boo hoo!  I'm almost to the point of not counting his age by months and that makes me terribly sad!!}

Our afternoon was all about learning the color green!  I made a sensory tub with things that were green and two things that weren't.  Instead of doing 3D objects, I did die cuts from school so we could turn our game into a book!

Cooper loved getting to dig into the oats...but got so frustrated when the oats fell out of the tub and he couldn't pick them up with his fingers!  Silly boy!

 Is the apple green?  Noooooo...
 We found the shamrock!

Then, we took all of our green die cuts {leaf, frog, tree, and shamrock} and glued them into a "Green" book.  I was super excited to make this with Cooper so he would have something to remember our game with!  Cooper?? Not so much...

He was so over it and ready to go outside and play.  So we glued our pictures down and made our book in a flash! {As the old teacher adage goes, "Modify and adjust..."}

Cooper really does love to read, so I'm hoping he'll enjoy going back and reading our green book later...we'll see if we are that *LUCKY!*

Since, I had to miss Cooper's lunch time, I packed him a *LUCKY* lunch: rainbow kabobs, pot o' gold {errrr...corn!} and lucky guacamole!

Apparently, he loved it!  So thankful my mother-in-law sent me a picture of him enjoying his lunch!

Last, but not least, Cooper had a play date with his cousin, Jax, today while I was at school.  Apparently, it was too much to ask for a picture of them together!  This one's a keeper!

Better *LUCK*, next time, boys! *wink*

I hope you had a fun-filled St. Patrick's day full of lots of love and luck!  This holiday is always a silly reminder of how "rich" and "lucky" {errr....BLESSED!} I really am!