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The last few weeks we have been working hard on responsibilities that we have and that other's have in our school community.  We use a book we made based off of Brown Bear, Brown Bear called School, School, What Do You See?  Each day over the last two weeks we have read the book together (the packet comes with a customizable slideshow to use on your white board) and discussed one person's responsibilities in our school...we charted their responsibilities as our shared research.  In the past, we've had each person from our school come and speak to us about their job as well--the kids love this!

The kids can use these charts to reference too during their writing as well!  For kinder babies, these anchor chart templates would be perfect for adding pictures of each person with their name written on the chart also!

Then, we use the anchor charts to write about each person's responsibilities in our booklet.  **Isn't this puddle of tears just too cute??**

We usually work on informative writing with this book and they write a topic sentence with a detail about that person's responsibilities.  This year, our district is asking us to focus on opinion writing first, so we just changed the writing to have an opinion sentence first and one reason sentence.  As you will see in next week's plans, we will move to a full opinion paragraph.

You can purchase my mini-pack, School School What Do You See...

or get it with my entire 7 week responsibilities unit, A Patchwork of Responsibilities.

Go download this FREEBIE for my School Helpers packet to get a sample of anchor charts! :)

In math, we started our Fact Fluency Fridays {which you can read about in detail HERE}.  This past week we just went over procedures and practiced whole group.  Next week, we will start practicing with partners!

This year, we are starting off with a Number Talk before moving into Fact Fluency.  I am absolutely *loving* using Number Talks more consistently this year.  Each lesson is designed with 3 different slides and it can be as short as a 5 minute talk or as long as a 30 minute talk.  This week we focused on the fact that we can each see the same number in different ways {composing & decomposing}.  Starting this week, I am hoping to focus on notation (writing equations) to match how kids see the numbers.  This will be a great chance to build some relational thinking that I'm hoping will transfer into their fact fluency.

Check out my Number Talks packet HERE!

Here's a *Peek At My Week*!  It's a shorter week because we have an inservice this Friday!  But really a longer week because it's Parent-Teacher Conference week! Ha!  I'll be posting more next week about our conferences!

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