Making the Grade

Well, hello there!  Long time, no blog, huh?  I really have no excuse for my 2 week hiatus from blogging except that my intern solo taught all last week and I've just been out of the loop!  So, here's to a 5 for Friday to get back in the swing of things!

1.  I may have been MIA from the blogging world for a little bit, but how can you blame me with these two handsomes in my world???
Goodness, I love my boys and
...okay...end bragging session here!

2.  This week, I took my classroom back and we have been in full on assessment mode!  The end of our first quarter is tomorrow and we've spent the better part of this week getting reading for report cards!

During my intern's solo week I pulled my kiddos and tested their reading levels.  We colored in their new reading levels and I set goals individually with each kiddo.  {You can read more about it HERE.}

I absolutely love this one on one time with each of my firsties....even though it does take a while.  And now that Guided Reading is fully established in my room, I saw some great growth in reading already!  I just love watching those little light bulbs turn on! :)

3.  This year, we are teaching 4 units instead of 6 units as we have in the past.  Our first unit was Cinderella and retelling fiction stories.  We've been working hard are the elements of fiction...see my previous post....

So for our final project, each first grader wrote an opinion piece about their favorite version of Cinderella.  Then, I grouped them by the version they chose.  The groups worked together to make a story map about their Cinderella to present to our class.

4.  In math, we've been practicing our math mysteries on dry erase boards so we can practice flexibility in solving a variety of story problems back-to-back.  Today, we took our quarterly math assessment.

You can download your copy's based on the math progressions from my 1st grade pacing guide packet.   And each item has the Common Core standard it's based on.

5.  So much end of quarter testing this week!  But with that all behind me, I'm ready to head to the zoo tomorrow with my precious school babies to kick off Unit 2, ANIMALS!  It's a first grade fav around here! :)

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