Integrating Science in Writing Rubrics and Inferencing

I am super passionate about bringing literacy alive through content!  So, I'm always looking for ways to integrate and double dip content and literacy.  Today, I'm talking about our informative writing rubrics and inferring!

Informative Writing Rubrics

Now that we are getting ready to prepare to write research papers on specific animals, we have been looking closely at our informative writing rubric.  Each week we are focusing one of the four areas of our rubric {content, sentence formation, language, and mechanics}.  We use the rubric during our share time to assess each other's work and then once a week, my firsties are self-assessing their own writing.  You can also see my pink highlighter checks where I went around to tell each kid whether or not I agreed with their scores, just for some extra accountability.

 ...and just so you realize that not all of my writers are where they need to's a little reality check for you!  We all have these special babies that need extra care, don't we??
But ya know what?  When I double checked this sweetie's writing with him, he had already changed his score from a 3 to a 2 AND he could tell me what he needed to do to get a 3 {"I write more!"}  I don't know about ya'll, but I call that a BIG WIN in my book!

Grab my self-assessing writing rubrics for kindergarten, 1st grade and 2nd grade HERE!

Animal Inferring

During our animals unit, we have been talking a lot about "inferring" and how good readers infer while they read.  We made this anchor chart together...
Then, we practiced inferring with several of our poems.  We read a new poem each week {You can find my K-2 Poetry Pack HERE with all of my 40+ poems I use, literacy station materials for each, and focus lesson ideas}.

The two poems I choose for inferring over two weeks were Halloween and Who Am I?  Each of these are perfect for around Halloween time, which is when we read these.  In each poem they had to infer what they author was talking about and then give evidence from the text to support their inference...totally Common Core stuff right there!  And, these firsties were fantastic!  

You can see in this poem below where they highlighted the details from the text to support their inferences.  And then illustrated their inferences in the margins.

I even had a first grader argue that the "vampire" costume was a cat, and site compelling evidence from the text to support her inference.  In fact, she was so compelling, that she had quite a following of agree-ers after she finished her argument! :)

We LOVE inferring games in first grade!

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  1. Your classroom looks so cheery! Cute Christmas tree. I really like the way you use your rubric to have the kids self-assess and then use your highlighter to indicate whether you agree. Thanks for sharing!
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