Sunday Open House: Kitchen

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Yes, this is a teaching blog...but since it's my only one {for now anyway}, I use it for personal blogs every so often.

A month ago yesterday, we moved into our new home.  The home we've dreamed about for almost 2 years now.  The home we've planned for over a year now.  And the home we built for about 5 months.  It's finally finished.

God. Is. Good.  His blessings are abundant.  While this probably is not the last house we will live in, we do plan to be here for a while.  And, God willing, it will be the house that our children remember growing up in.  And that has made this house building journey an extra special one.

Our first month in the house has been a slow one.  I had visions of everything getting moved in, hung up {hanged up??--that's one I never did quite master}, and unpacked in about a week or know, like Mary Poppins gave me a spoonful of sugar and my house was just done???

But life happened and all that other stuff didn't...exactly.  We moved in major stuff one weekend and then stuff that has been in storage another weekend.  And for 3 of the last 4 weeks in the house, I've had bronchitis...which has made the move-in a little slower.  But it's finally starting to look like a house!  Slowly, but surely!

I thought and prayed about posting about our house for a very long time.  I've had lots of requests in person and online for pictures of the house when we finished.  And as much as I love my house dearly, I just didn't want to come off "braggy" or "showy."  The Lord has blessed our family with this house, but it is by no means a museum or mansion.  It's not perfect.  My amateur decorating skills are far from perfect.  But it is our home.  And I love it all the same.

So...after much thought...I decided to have an open house...blogger style.  I can't promise it will be every week, but I plan to blog on Sundays about a room or project we are working on in our house.  And you should know that since our house is FAR from being completely finished and decorated, this blog series may take several months or years to complete...I wish I had the money to decorate my house just like I want to immediately, but I'm smart enough and frugal enough to know that's not gonna happen.  Like ever.  So this blog series may not ever be finished...but I'll do my best to show you the journey of moving in and decorating our new house.

For my first installment...the Kitchen.  Inspired by...

1. Pinterest

2. My love for "less is more" {my husband wishes I wasn't so obsessive about having practically nothing on the countertops...but I just think it's so refreshing!}

3. And my favorite people, Chip and JoJo from Fixer Upper. {Okay, so maybe not my favorite people in the world...but they are pretty close.  Love. That. Show.}

Here's the view from our living room.

Wall color: Silver Mist by Sherwin Williams
Cabinet color: White Duck by Sherwin Williams
Island cabinet color: Silver Mist by Sherwin Williams
Granite: New River White

View from the dining room...sort of ignore the dining chairs for now.  Couldn't get a pic of the large kitchen without them in there {although, now that I think about it, I guess I could've taken them out...oh well!} I'm still not sure how I'm going to finish the chairs.  I haven't done anything to them...haven't decided for sure on what I will or will not do...

...without island lights on...

 ...with island lights on...

This is the view I see when I come out of our Master Bedroom hallway.

As part of the whole...decorating is a life long handy hubby is going to build me an old barn wood beam to go by my sink dividing our kitchen and living room!  Can't wait and I'll update this blog when that's in!

{{EDIT}} My sweet Aunt Betty sent me these perfectly adorable spice bottles that match my new kitchen beautifully.  They are vintage and belonged to my great grandmother.  So special!  Ya'll know I've already admitted my minimalism and my disdain for taking up counter I decided these were just the perfect size to sit above our refrigerator {and off the counters! :)}

Large bead board oven hood.  Double oven and herringbone backsplash pattern.

Fireclay Farm Sink with the beads to match the oven hood.
Rug: Target, current

Thankful for sweet people at church who donated some scraps of chicken wire for me to back some display cabinets with.  Love how they turned out painted with the cabinets!  Super easy {use a staple gun and pull, pull, pull} and super prickly too! ;)

...and I LOVE how clean and simple my white Mikasa dishes from our wedding registry look in the display cabinets.  And my pocket book loves that I could decorate display cabinets without having to buy anything!  Beautiful and practical all at the same time!!

Canisters: Happy Everything {about 3 years ago}

 Frame: Hobby Lobby {present}
Apples and Pears: Pier 1 {wedding gift...9 years ago}

The X detail on the ends of our cabinets are the perfect farmhouse detail I was looking for.

The island.  The center of our kitchen.  A month in this house and I can tell that our life will pretty much revolve around this island!  Also, ignore my nekkid windows...I have fabric for curtains, but I just haven't had a chance to sew them yet! is the view I see as I come in from our garage looking into our dining room.  One dining room in this house.  That's part of what we "sacrificed" to get more bedrooms in this house.  But our kitchen and dining being in one huge open room is a MAJOR plus for me, so it's not really a sacrifice for us!  Plus...I don't have to think about how to decorate two tables anymore! {We had a small breakfast room and much smaller dining room in our last house}

Shelves for decorations and storage....cookbooks and room temperature produce. {Clearly, we are out of bananas, or "manas" as Cooper calls them.}  And once again, my minimalist personality loves that I can store produce on a shelf and not on my counter! :)
 Wire Baskets: Hobby Lobby {current}

X detail on the island too.  I put a glaze over then island to make it look more like an old piece of furniture.  I had originally planned to glaze the whole kitchen, but for now I'm really liking the white cabinets clean and not glazed. We shall see if that lasts...

And again, more wide bead board under the island.

Now for the my opinion anyways!  Here's the maple wood countertop my AMAZING husband built.  The countertop is about 2 inches thick and heavier than a sumo wrestler...seriously.  And I told you our house is a work in progress...he still has to add a few more coats to finish it off and add a little more shine. #keepingitreal
 Stain: Special Walnut, by Minwax

He added a ton of character marks with his grandfather's woodcarving tools.  Super gorgeous and super special!  He worked so so hard on this and I am so proud and over the moon about how well it turned out!

As if one project wasn't enough, my Stud Hub also built our island light fixture.  Like made his own electrical plans and everything.  Yup, I pretty much showed him a picture from Pinterest and said make this with blue mason jars instead and voila!
Stain: Special Walnut
Light kits: Hemma black cord set from IKEA
Jars: vintage Ball mason jars in blue glass...some from local shops and some from EBAY 

And my favorite part of his design is that he screwed it into the wall with two acorn clean and perfect!

And the simplest and one of my favorite things about our kitchen!  Our family prayer.  What started out as a simple visual to help Cooper build some Godly character and learn some teachable Bible verses morphed into the realization that everyone in our family should pray this prayer. Every day.  So we do.  And even though I despise clutter in my kitchen...I don't think I'll ever take this down.  It has changed our family for the better.  Funny how something so simple can do that, isn't it?

So in love with my, it's not perfect...and it's not completely decorated, but I love the life we are living in it and that makes it all the more beautiful in my eyes!

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