Sunday Open House: Curb Appeal

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So many more to blog about...and I've had so little time with the end of school being right when we moved in!  But I'm hoping I'll be able to catch up this summer with a few more new house blog entries!

Here's our humble abode...

Our house is wide, not tall....I'll post our floor plan and reasoning later on....So, I had to go across the street to get the whole house with landscaping!

Okay, okay, I know everything looks tiny,'s the deal people....I really dislike crowded flower beds.  It's a major pet peeve of mine.  Maybe it goes back to the minimalist thing I have going on sometimes... But in my last house, the landscapers planted WAAAAAYYY too many plants and I spent every spring digging up something and transplanting it somewhere else.  And I've vowed never to do that again.

I didn't buy the smallest plants at the garden center, but I didn't buy the biggest either.  That's just my el cheaponess coming out in me!  Plants grow.  And usually after the first year they really grow.  So I'm not too worried about my baby plants.  And a lot of the plants I have are very fast growing plants anyways.  I'll post an update at the end of the growing season.  It'll be a huge difference I'm sure!

On top of buying smaller plants, I made sure to pay attention to the spacing and give them plenty of room based on their MATURE size!  That means I may have "holes" in my flower bed now, but that's okay...because I won't be digging up overgrown plants in a year or two!
And for those who might want to know exterior details...
Brick: Bordeaux by ACME Brick
Stone: It's a Petra Stone...just can't think of the name right now
Shingles: Weatherwood
Shutters: cedar custom made by our awesome trim guy

 I love our border stone too.  It came from Stone Gardens if you are local!  We installed this ourselves at our last house.  It's so simple to install and makes such a big impact!

Here are the plant specifics from the picture above.  Almost all of our plants came from Lowe's.  Very healthy plants and much more economical than a I had a 10% off movers coupon!
Otto Luyken Laurel (They have a beautiful white flower in the springtime!)
Day Lillies (Can't wait to see those yellow blooms!)
Drift Roses (LOVE these new roses I found... they look like knockouts, but are short and petite!)

Day Lillies (no blooms yet)
Jane Magnolia Tree (also known as a tulip tree for the gorgeous spring tulip like blooms!)
Knockout roses

I need to add another drift rose bush here I think.  This area is just a little too bare...but I wanted to error on the side of fewer plants and just "see how it grows!" #wompwomp #cornyjoke

Also, can I just pause here and say how much I love my teeny-tiny window with shutters into my laundry room.  It's just the cutest! :)

Okay...back on track...Here's another flower bed for the other side of the house...
Day Lillies (about to bloom! YAY!)
Otto Luyken Laurel
Drift Roses

I just love those rose blooms!

Shasta Daisies
Purple Coneflowers
Day Lillies
Natchez Crepe Myrtle Tree

My goal with my flower beds was to get as much color and flowers from perennials as possible--so I won't have to spend the time and money every season to plant annuals!  Plus, I love being able to clip flowers to bring inside so all of these perennials will be perfect for vase flowers inside my house!

And after the torrential downpours this week { it June or April, people??}, we realized we needed something to catch the water from the gutters.  So here was my free, last minute fix....left over bricks!  We have a lot of brick left over that's just stacked in the back, so this was the perfect solution.  Looks great and was FREE!

Justin and I came back and trenched a space between the rock and the grass.  A good 4 inches.  We did this at our last house and it really is the best way to keep grass out of your flowerbed.  That darn Bermuda just jumps ANYTHING!  Justin uses his edger to keep it clean.  I trenched most of it this time by just shoveling the grass out...although it can be done with an edger too!  {Note: it's much easier to trench when it's really me!}  I love the clean, defined border, and with a little bit of maintenance {edging every so often to keep it clean and spraying roundup in the trench every month or so to keep the grass killed is really all it takes!}
I'm just so happy with how our front yard turned out.  Thanks to our friends at Froud Landscaping!  Check them out if you are local.  Super easy to work with and very reasonable!

....And the front door!  Here's where I do love to plant pots!
I love my door.  I've always loved glass doors, but I don't like the lack of privacy with being able to see through them.  So our door has hammered glass panes.  It lets the light in without letting strangers see in!

Love that I was able to get my fern on clearance this week!  Guess sometimes it saves to wait until late in the season to landscape!  And I just love the beautiful vinka that one of my sweet firsties gave me at the end of the year!

I'm trying to decide if I want to put our family name or something on a sign sticking out of the fern... anybody have any ideas?  I can kinda see what I want in my head, but haven't found it in real life yet... #storyofmylife
And this adorable door hanger came from Etsy and my sister-in-law...LOL!  Perfect for summertime!

For mother's day, my boys got me hydrangea plants and they are finally all planted and watered in.  Hydrangeas are seriously my favorite, and another great flower to cut and bring inside.  Can't wait to have gazillions of blooms on these bushes!

I mean...does it get any prettier than this right here?

So thankful our landscaping is finally finished! Hooray for curb appeal!  Follow me on Facebook or Instagram for more Sunday Open House Tours!  I'll be updating our landscaping as it grows throughout the seasons as well as more rooms in our house!

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