Sunday Open House: Dining Room

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Today I'm blogging about our dining room...
Large Gray Rug, Amazon 9x12
Navy Door Mat Rug: Target

View coming in from our back patio...

View from our living room...
Let's talk first about this ***beautiful*** table!  That cost us...ummm....not much at all!  Because my handy hubby made it for us!  Yep, he did.  This 9 foot beauty and bench is all hand made, hand scraped by my One and Only.  He used the Ana White plan and modified it some to work with our longer dimensions.  You can find all of the nitty gritty on her link.  My dream from the beginning was to have one big open kitchen and dining area instead of 3 smaller kitchen, breakfast and formal dining areas.  So I wanted and needed a big substantial table to fill the space and seat plenty of people since it's the only official table at our house.

He hand scraped the bench and the table with his Papaw's carving tools.  Such a great memory for him!

Even Cooper sat on the table and helped distress it with a hammer! :)

Here's the underneath trestle part of the table.  He also made the bench bottoms match the table too, which I love!

And because our table needed to be really long so he added some extra support underneath as well.

I just love all of the imperfections.  It gives it character and a story to tell.

{{And for those who have already asked in person...yes, my husband will build you one too if you are in the Northwest Arkansas area...just email him for pricing, because it will depend on what size you need!}}

While the hubby was busy building the table, I bought these 4 chairs at various antique shops locally. For way cheap.  I actually have a fifth chair that will fit at the table, but it looks too crowded for all of the time, so it sits in our living room until we need the extra seat.  5 chairs...less than 100 bucks total!  Seriously.  I had a blast looking for these.  And so far, I haven't repainted any of these.  I had originally wanted to repaint the red one for sure, but now that I've lived with it for 3 months, I'm kinda partial to the splash of color.  What are your thoughts?  Let me know what you think about the mix matched chairs!

My daddy added a wooden seat to the red chair and I stained it {it had a woven seat that wasn't stable...} and I recovered one of the chairs with the stripe fabric I used to edge the curtains.  Other than that, I haven't touched the chairs.
 Here's a closer up on the seat cover...

For the end chairs, I splurged a little because I needed something that would be the correct scale and color for the room.

I wanted a neutral color since my side chairs would be mix matched.  I considered parson chairs, but when I found these, I knew I had to have them.  They have more presence than a parson chair and I loved the tufting and furniture like feel to them.

And I love the linen look for the fabric and the nailhead detail too!
End chairs: overstock, February 2015

I had a really hard time deciding on curtains.  I didn't want anything too bold in color on the walls, but I also didn't want just solid panels.  Every fabric I found that was blue and white was too "light and airy."  I don't know if that makes sense or not, but I knew I needed another color to "ground" the fabric.  I found this floral in cream and blue.  And it matched perfectly, but again...too airy.  So, then I found the same fabric in navy and cream.  And I fell. in. love. with the navy!  Plus, the fabric was made by my favorite designer, JoJo {Magnolia Home Fabrics}!  But I wasn't sure if it would work in our dining room without any blue.  I had also found this stripe which I liked, but thought it would be too heavy to do the entire panel in.  But it had the navy and the blue and gray and cream we were using in this room.  So I landed on trimming the panels with the stripe to tie it all together and I'm pretty happy with how it all turned out!  {The stripe trim is 4" wide for anyone wondering.}

Another thing I was weird about I guess is the curtain rod.  Our dining window is 9 feet wide.  These panels are "dummy panels"...not meant to close.  So, I just couldn't stand the thought of having 9 feet of nekkid rod all the way across my window.  So I bought two small curtain rods and hung them separately.

Back to more awesome things my hubby made...let's discuss this wooden crate he made from left over pallet wood...for *free*...and he whipped it out in less than an hour.  Yeah, he's a keeper, ladies!

It's the perfect size to hold large candles and mason jars and I'm excited about being able to change out the decor throughout the year!  Here's my 4th of July decorations....

These decorations were also all free...I reworked old patriotic decorations from last year....used left over ribbon, a few extra clear mason jars and flags laying around the house and it was all done!  I get super excited when I can repurpose decorations AND they look fabulous!
Also, the beautiful large blue mason jars and the smaller blue mason jars belonged to Justin's grandmother.  So that makes this centerpiece even more special.  Love all of the vintage stories from our families in this house!

Since we had such a long dining room AND a long table, I needed something substantial for light fixtures.  We already had the mason jar fixture over the island so I wanted something a little more traditional over the table.  I didn't want it to look like I had the same shape fixture in both places...does that make sense? ...or am I just crazy?? {don't answer that...}

I saw some pictures of two chandeliers hanging above tables in Pottery Barn and liked the look.  So, I decided to go with two and love it!
In our last house, our chandelier had shades and crystals and all that glam stuff.  But in this house, I just wanted simple iron look.  And thanks to the great deal at Lighting Emporium, I got both of these fixtures for less than I spent on the one chandelier in our last house...8 years ago! Yay for saving money!

Buffet wall...I needed something not very deep, but that took up enough space visually.  And I love how this little nook turned out.  I had found this fruits of the spirit piece on Etsy right after we found our plan {thanks to my inlays for the awesome Christmas gift!} and it was the inspiration for my kitchen and dining area.  It's bright, it's clean, but a little distressed...just like our farmhouse kitchen and dining area!
Buffet: Kirklands, current
Fruits of the Spirit: Etsy
Lantern: Parkhill Boutique in Conway, Arkansas
Mason Jars: Walmart, the shortest and squattiest we could find!
Greenery: Hobby Lobby, current

I loved the look of the Fruits piece leaning, but that meant I needed super small mason jars so they didn't hide too much of the wood canvas! So glad Wally World had the size we needed!

This is going to be the perfect place for me to bring in fresh, cut flowers from my flower beds outside...I just don't have enough ready yet.  Can't wait to see my wildflowers and hydrangeas in these jars!

Love this lantern my mom gave me!

And it's extra festive with some patriotic ribbon tied through the hook and a Christmas ornament wired in...that I spray painted white!  Such a fun challenge decorating this room without having to buy anything.  I did this some last year too.  This is gonna be a go to tradition of mine before I head off to buy more things to clutter my house!

Love this room and it's patriotic look for now...can't wait to decorate it for the other holidays year round!

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