Make Your Masterpiece: PHONICS!

For the longest time I'd just been floating along...going through the motions of phonics teaching.  Blah, blah, BLAH!  And then, 2 years ago, my first grade team decided to get our "rear in gear" so to speak and be more consistent and intentional about our phonics instruction.  I had loosely done some Systematic Phonics here and there, but 2 years ago we made a point to really follow the sequence and do making words activities at least once or twice a week.

So, last year, I made cut and glue sorts and other phonics activities to correspond with Systematic Phonics.

And they were a HUGE hit!  We did a sort a week.  And they really loved doing these sorts.  The perfect thing about it is, once they learn the three different types of activities in this packet, there is no 'splainin to do...they just go!  Perfect for literacy stations...and for subs!!

After the HUGE hit with the sorts in my classroom last year, I knew I had to make some laminated color sorting cards to coordinate too!

Because, well...

I hate to admit this, but...


I've had the same stinkin' phonics sorting cards since 1965.

Okay, not really.  But I mind as well have had...

They were made in Word {womp, womp...} and with Microsoft Clipart {*cringe*}, and they weren't even printed in color {ZOINKS!}.

But, for real, ya'll.  They were bad.  I guess they did the job,!  I was in desperate need of some new ones.  And ones that actually coordinated with Systematic phonics.

So, one of my goals this summer was to make a bright and cheery set of sorting cards!  I was moving right along to post this one on TPT when... yup, my whole product just disappeared.  For realz.  I have no. CLUE. what happened to that file.

Luckily, I have a backup program.

Unluckily, it had only backed up half of my 112 page product.  If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you already know I shed many a *fake* tears over this issue.  All 5 stages of grief right here, people!

A day and a half later, I put my big girl panties on and recreated {GRRRRRRR} the last 60 pages of this sucker AGAIN! {GRRRRR!}

But I know I'll be putting it to good use this year so it's totally worth it!

These will be perfect for guided reading mini phonics lessons, whole group sorts, independent practice in literacy stations and even something great to print and send with parents of those sweeties who need a little more practice.  Catch it on ****SALE**** HERE!  Can't wait to use these and I hope you will enjoy them too!

And if you want both Phonics Packs, you can Bundle & Save HERE!

P.S.  This is a *growing bundle.*  One of my next projects is to work on digitizing my phonics anchor charts {read about those HERE} which will be added to this bundle!

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