Sunday Open House: Blueprints

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Today I'm blogging about our house plan.  Which may seem like a silly thing to blog about to you.

Until you realize how uh-bsessed I am with house plans.  Like in a really big way.  Like used to draw out my future dream house plan on graph paper when I was little.  Seriously people, I absolutely can't NOT click on any house plan pin on pinterest!

*cough* anyways, you get the idea.

So, it's only fitting that I blog about how and why I finally settled on this house plan!

When we first talked about selling our first home and building again, there were a few non-negotiables for us...

1.  2 more bedrooms 
After Cooper, we lost our guest room.  My parents live out of town and so we needed to have a guest room where they could stay when they visit again.  Plus, we needed more bedrooms for {God willing} more kids someday.
2. A separate, 3rd Car Garage 
This was for the Mr.'s shop.  He is quite the handyman and loves a good project! :) And in our last house his shop was our garage...which just didn't work out well for, well....either of us! *wink*
3.  Open living area just as we had before
I love the idea of being in the kitchen and hearing and seeing everything that goes on in the living area.  We had that in our last house and needed that again.
4.  One story with a bonus bedrooms upstairs
I was insistent on having a one story house...I {{HATE}} climbing stairs and didn't want Cooper having to go up and down stairs to his bedroom multiple times a day.  We do have an upstairs play/bonus room, and I love that!  But I needed all of the living areas and bedrooms to be on one level.  So our house had to go wide instead of tall!  Which also meant we had to look for a really wide lot to build on!
5.  No wasted square footage
If we were going to pay a little more on our mortgage, it needed to be really needed, useable space. The Mr. and I don't consider ourselves to be overly needy people.  And we didn't want much more square footage than we already had. We only really needed more square footage for the 2 extra bedrooms we wanted.

The problem I found was, when I looked for houses with 4 bedrooms and an office...I came up with 2 options:
1. Ginormous square footage, which we didn't want because we don't NEED all that extra space...
2. Okay square footage with a ton of unusable rooms...that were smaller than we wanted {formal living room, huge entries, libraries...I mean, really!!!}'s like architects make more smaller rooms the bigger you get instead of making fewer, but bigger rooms!

Finally, I came across this house plan.  My first thought was, "That's weird...the laundry room is in the front of the house."  And it only had one dining room and 3 bedrooms.  But I really, really liked the open space.  And the kitchen was HUGE!  And the one dining room, even though there was just one, was HUGE.  And I started dreaming of how cute a huge farm table would be in that dining area. And then I wondered, Do we really need a breakfast room and a formal dining room?  In our last house, we had both.  And neither was really big.  Even in the larger square footage homes, the dining rooms weren't as big as on this plan.

So, then I started trying to figure out how I could get another bedroom on the plan, switch a few other things I didn't care for...and before I knew it I had completely rebuilt the house plan in Excel.  {Best. Idea. Ever. by the way!}  And it was perfect!

Now all I had to do was find a draftsman to draw it out "correctly" and put a front on my house! :)

We ended up flipping the plan because of how it laid on the lot.

Overall, I'm super happy about it.  There is only one thing on my wish list for the plan that I couldn't make work....a door from the laundry room straight to the master closet.  I had found that on several plans and LOVED it!  But, 3 months living here and it's been just fine!  The only other thing I wish I could've found a better solution for was the really long bedroom hallway.  I had to add that when I added the fourth bedroom.  I hate long hallways because they are wasted space, but I just couldn't figure out a way to make it work and keep the house one level!  And, of course, we have a bonus room upstairs with a powder bathroom which is so wonderful for hiding all of Coop's toys!

I'm so so happy with our house.  I haven't regretted downsizing to one dining area.  Honestly, it's been the best decision we made with this house.  And I don't think I'll be missing a formal dining room anytime soon!  And although, every one has their own taste in house plans...this one is just perfect for  our family!

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