Sunday Open House: *Fireworks*

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We had so much fun hosting our July 4th celebrations at our house this year! Here's a look at our decorations and set up...

Cooper had the best time painting a "Toomerquin fwag" this week.  And I adore how he says, "America flag" too!  Writing all of the cute Cooperisms down so I won't forget them someday!

Thanks to Pinterest for the inspiration for the patriotic bunting this year!

Daddy decided this was the year for Cooper to experience a little *snap, crackle, pop* with kiddy fireworks!  Just a few buckets, a mason jar, chalk markers, and napkins for color make a cute storage display for the fireworks...

In my dining room blog, I already showed some of my patriotic decor, but I was so excited to have enough fresh flowers from outside to bring inside for our festivities.

Fresh geraniums and daisies make a cute patriotic flower arrangement.  And, yes, the "green stuff" is still the fake eucalyptus that stay in the mason jars when I'm out of fresh flowers.  But I just put the fresh over the fake and I think it made the mini arrangements feel a little fuller!

The food table {ignore the grill supplies on the table in the background!} #keepinitreal

I decorated this table with stuff I had.  Are ya'll catching a theme yet...I love decorating for FREE!!

A strip of extra burlap fabric down the middle, a few bandanas, and blue paper napkins unfolded completely make the perfect patriotic combo!

P.S. How about my adorable pig dish I got for Christmas last year?  LOVE it!!! And it was the perfect dish for our pulled pork dinner! :)

Another free fresh arrangement from our flower beds: geranium, daisies and hydrangea.

And speaking of food.

My husband is a genius.  He wanted to smoke pork for the fourth.  And decided to put it with cornbread waffles.


I mean, mouth watering, southernly delicious! #merica

I hadn't ever heard of this before, but it could definitely pass for a traditional southern BBQ meal.  Anyone ever tried this deliciousness before??

And a peach cobbler flag for dessert!

...and now for a few lots of personal pics.  Because, well, I wanna remember our family time on this holiday.  And, well, my father-in-law is a pretty amazing photographer.

The cousins and their #cousinlove.  Cooper just loves showing dragging Jax around all the time!

Daddy's are pros at finding ways to have fun outside.  Justin took a $7 kiddie pool that Nana brought over and put our slide into to make a pretty redneck awesome water park slide.  The boys were crazy about it!

<3 Daddies are just the best.  Especially Cooper's. <3

Crazy swimming hair!

Coop's first sparkler.  He was super amazed by it and super careful! *wink*

Love this messy headed little boy!  And check out all of those blonde summer highlights! :)

Cooper put his flag over his heart for the national anthem... my classy, patriotic child...

....aaaaannnnddd then he shoves the flag stick up his nose.  Classy toddler goes to the symphony....

The AMP was such a beautiful place to listen to the Symphony of Northwest Arkansas and watch fireworks!

Thank you, Jesus, for my precious family.

Beautiful fireworks with my beautiful family.  God bless America!

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