Sunday Open House: Cooper's Room

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It's time to blog about one of my favorite rooms in the house....Cooper's big boy bedroom.

This room was so much fun to put together!  I've been sad about a lot--a LOT--of milestones, but transitioning to a big boy bedroom was not one of them.  I was super excited!!

Maybe it's just me but I was just so over the crib thing....I actually would've transitioned him earlier, but we agreed it made the best sense to stay in the crib during our apartment life and transition once we moved it.

He slept in his big boy bed from night one at our "new house" and he has done great!

Here's a peek into his room...

If you saw my nursery picks (back pre-blog when they were just on Facebook), you know a lot of the same stuff transferred over.  I'm a big believer in decorating nurseries so they can grow old with the kids!  And here's a look at his nursery from our old house so you can see the resemblance!

It was important to me to be able to reuse a lot of his nursery "stuff" because I just love being able to reuse, and I didn't want to have to remake EVERYTHING when he graduated to his big boy room.  Plus, it's sentimental!  So, I chose things for his nursery with that in mind!  But I had no idea what his big boy room would look like, just knew this color scheme would grow up with him well!

At the time we moved, Cooper was super into the movie Planes and so we decided to go with vintage airplanes for his "theme."  It also helps that Doc had handmade him a plane for Christmas! #instantroomdecor

View from the closet corner...

I made the curtains when we decorated his nursery.  One thing I wanted to make sure of was that I could reuse lots of stuff from his nursery.  So glad it worked out! (Curtain fabric is a Premier Print pattern.)

View from window corner...

Dresser wall...
Floating shelf: online {I think it was Home Depot!}
Dresser: Craigslist and I repainted it

Most everything came from his nursery here except for a few changes: I traded out the hanging baby clothes for "school" work, added a vintage airplane poster and a vintage airplane on the dresser (bye bye, changing pad!)
Stuffed bear: gift from "Amee" (Aunt Amber)
Pooh bear books: gift to me from my grandmother (a librarian).  They are legit 1950's books. 
Vintage plane sign: Amazon
Huffy Puffy Train: Ebay
Train sign: from Justin's nursery

The basket from his nursery is still being used in the big boy bedroom!  It's from Target and I just changed out the plain off white fabric for fabric that matched.

Vintage airplane from Hobby Lobby, $15 on sale!

Here's the picture wall.  I still haven't changed out the images from his nursery, but it is a sweet reminder of how little he once was!

Love this verse!  It was perfect in his nursery and I think it's still perfect in his big boy bed!

Here's the awesome wooden airplane my Daddy made for Cooper....

So, you might be wondering...where's all of your 2 year old's STUFF?!?!?

It's true...I'm a minimalist.  We've established that already.  And although I think Cooper should have toys to play with, I don't want them out all over the place because it just stresses me out!  #keepinitreal

Most of his toys are upstairs in his play room, which I'll blog about another Sunday, but he has a good assortment of toys tucked away in his closet too....

Here's his closet.  The big majority of his clothes stay in his dresser....except for collared shirts.  And I know, I'm OCD to the max and I don't have his clothes by color.  While that *looks* nice, I'm a little obsessed about not wearing outfits too close together.  {Like, I may have had a schedule when I was in high school to make sure this didn't happen...} So mine is sorted by time it was worn--worn most recently in the back.
What I love about his closet is he actually has floor space to play in his room.  His shoes are stored on the back wall and he has tubs of toys on the floor for easy access (Puzzles, trains, mega block and random toys...every boy has one of those, right??)

I'm still not completely excited about this shelf.  Still thinking about the best way to organize all of the games and puzzles.... 

And I LOVE that his train track fits in the bottom of his closet.  He even loves to snuggle inside his closet to play with it...kiddos love tight spaces that are their own and this is just perfect for him!

Now to the big boy bed!
Quilt: Pottery Barn Kids, current
Bedsheets: Pottery Barn Kids, current
Accent Pillow: Etsy

I knew from the get-go that I wanted a pallet wood headboard.  I knew it would look great and be a money saver!

The pallets we have collected have boards that are varying widths.  So Justin varied the widths of the boards for me for the perfect look!  He used two boards on the back going vertically as support and nailed the other boards horizontally into the supports.

And he ended up with a board that split coming off of the pallet, but I thought it would make the perfect top piece.  And I'm just in love once again with the work my hubby did!! (And he's pretty swell too!)

Yes, the boards aren't lined up on purpose.  I think it gives it more of an old and original feel!

The lamp graduated up from the nursery, along with his toddler Bible stories book.  The end table was one we had in another room.  His nursery had a white end table.  I didn't think the white would quite go with the big boy theme so we just switched out the end tables!

 I LOVE this personalized pillow I found on Etsy!

Cooper loves his big boy room and I do too!

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