1-on-1 Dollar Deals: Sept. 2015

Is it really September already??

Ya'll.  This year is flying by already. For real.

Back in the summer, I started preschool camp with my almost 3 year old, Cooper.  I'm just not ready to send him to preschool yet...and I don't know that we even will at all.  We will just wait and see on that decision.  When I hear friends talking about their kids going to all day preschool 5 days a week, it just makes me sad.  Because Cooper is going to have at least 13 years of school that he HAS to go to, so why rush that?  Especially if I feel confident that I can give him what he needs academically at home.  And being so involved in our church means I don't have to worry about his lack of social development if we choose not to send him to formal preschool.

And so, from my teacher mommy heart, preschool camp was born.  And Cooper LOVES it.  Like begs for it every day.  Even on Saturdays.  Cooper soaks it up and I love being able to teach my son.  It makes my heart just explode! We "played school" every week day during the summer and took about a month off for our vacation and getting Mommy through back-to-school season, but we've been at it again for over three weeks now and it's going wonderfully!

Here's a look at my September dollar deal,  iTeach Tots Writing, in action....

Before I even started Preschool Camp with Cooper, he was able to do these things in literacy....
1. Knew 95% of his letters
2. Knew a few letter sounds
3. Had basic concepts of print {find the front cover of a book, turn pages correctly, attempted to copy mommy and point to read, could show where the words were on the page and where the picture was on the page}

You can read about what I did first with Cooper, HERE.

But after starting back after school started, he was ready to bump it up a notch.  In reading, we moved from reading our large ABC word wall cards on the wall, to being able to read on the small abc chart.  We have even tried reading it backwards for a challenge...and Cooper loves having "friends" read the chart, like Mr. Cow.

In writing, we have been working on writing and reading our ABC book!

We do 2 pages each day and talk about and do the following important things...

1. He reads the sentence with a pointing finger and uses the picture to help him "read" the last word.
2. He points to the picture of the egg.
3. He points to the word egg.
4. He points to the first letter of egg.  What letter does egg start with?
5. He points to the last letter of egg {still mastering this one}. What letter comes at the end of egg?
6. He traces the word egg while I say the paths of the letters {grab my alphabet scripts HERE}.
7. He colors the picture of the egg.
8. We reread the sentence with a pointing finger.

He has absolutely loved working on his book and is so proud to read to Daddy when he gets home.  And he reads it to Nana in the mornings when she picks him up!  And Mommy loves that he's so excited about his learning.

So how long does this all take us?

Well, here's a look at our schedule I used when I was home with Cooper in the summer and what I'll continue to follow during our breaks throughout the school year {thanks to year round school}.

Yes, I posted the schedule for Cooper to read and he was obsessed with checking it to see what was next....maybe his a lil' bit like his momma! :)

I didn't want to take too much time with preschool camp.  Because he's 2.  And because I didn't want burn out.  And because well, Mommy just needs time to play and relax too! :)  I actually really LOVED this schedule.  It worked super well for us and was plenty flexible.  And I was totally able to get enough school time in to make me feel like it was worthwhile.

During the school year, our school schedule is different because we just don't have as much time.  I usually spend 30 minutes each afternoon with him and either do a combination of literacy and math or literacy one day, math the next.

In my iTeach Tots Writing packet I've included detailed lesson plans and all of the materials you need to teach.  Each lesson is designed to be about 15-20 minutes {because I teach reading with writing, that makes the 30-40 minutes total time}.  This packet is written so you can go at your child's pace.  Each lesson is meant to be a lesson...not a day.  So, if your child doesn't get it, do it again the next day.  Or wait a few days and come back to it.  This is super simple to start and come back to...that's exactly what I did between summer and back-to-school season!

Also, this will be a growing packet...I have written out what I've done with Cooper so far plus a few more lessons I plan to do next based on where we are now.  I will continue to update this packet with more plans as our Preschool Camp continues!  So this dollar deal is a STEAL of a deal...get in now! *wink*

And just because I feel like it, I'll be giving away a combo packet of all of my iTeach Tots Packets: Reading, Writing, and Math. So check them all out and sign up for the giveaway!

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