Sunday Open House: Christmas

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It's after Thanksgiving and I can finally decorate for Christmas!  I love decorating for the holidays, but I'm a stickler about waiting until after Thanksgiving!  Here's a tour of most of our new decorations for the season...

Two years ago, I started changing up Christmas...I had a very "glitzy" tree which my dad called a "Dr. Seuss" tree (for good reason).  And I loved it.  Until, I didn't love it anymore and it was just too shiny for me.  So I started going a little more "natural" looking.

Last year, we had Christmas in the apartment so it was much MUCH different!

This year, I pulled out all of my Christmas stuff and still just wanted more of that natural I started selling the rest of my glitz, and this is what we ended up with!

I love the look and think it's a good compromise so far for our farmhouse look!
Ribbon: Walmart, current
Burlap Ribbon: Hobby Lobby, current
Berry picks: Hobby Lobby, 2 years ago
Tree Topper: floral bunches from Hobby Lobby, 2 years ago
Red Snowflake: Walmart, many moons ago

The stick garland was left over from Justin's old tree so his mom gave me that!  I love it!!

I sure hate that my mom bought this sign above my fireplace for her house and ended up unhappy with it.... *wink*

The stockings are from Ballard Designs and we've had those for the 10 years we've been married!

I bought nice garland at Hobby Lobby and added it to some cheap Walmart garland to tie ornaments and ribbon to...added lights and I love this garland!!

Isn't Rudolph the cutest???  This is from my husband's family...his grandfather made it and my mother in law found it stored away and so graciously let us have it this year!  A new bow and he's just adorable!

Cooper's tree is basically the same this year...and I still love it!
 I mod podged fabric on a wooden letter C for the topper and we made yarn ornaments by wrapping glue drenched yarn around a balloon!  They seemed feeble at the time--and still are--but they've lasted 3 Christmases and going so far!

And I'm still in love with the wooden block ornaments we made from vintage blocks! I also love all of his "home made" ornaments on this tree...
 Look at that teeny tiny handprint!

New to the tree this year is the wooden train.  Cooper has been begging for a train to go around his tree so we grabbed this one from his play room.  It's a tight fit, but he loves it and I think it matches perfectly!

This isn't new either, but I love that he found the perfect spot to "hang" this tree this year (in Daddy's office!)  He loves decorating the tree and then stepping back to make sure everything looks right...just like Mommy does!

On to the kitchen!  Here's are table box....

Nothing new bought here...just repurposed some pine floral stems and put some "unused" ornaments and pine cones in the box too!

I wanted to use the same "Merry Christmas" ribbon from my other trees and garland that I got from Walmart, but I ran out!  And late last night when I was finishing, I didn't want to go back to Walmart to get I found some of this ribbon left over from a while back that I used for 4th of July and I think it looks great and still goes for now!

I used the same materials in the lantern and topped it off with a  burlap ribbon!

Love this piece from Hobby Lobby and cute tree for $3 {!!!!!!} at Walmart! And I love how they look on my kitchen  counter!

This candle ring from Hobby Lobby made the perfect "wreath" for above my stove!

And, finally, my favorite new item: the kitchen tree....
So, I have a kitchen tree already that was a 5 foot pencil tree.  And I loved it.  But one day in early November I saw this $30 flocked 6 foot tree at Walmart and I just fell in love.  Like love at first sight.  I knew I had to have it for my farmhouse kitchen.  The tree is decorated very similar (with new ribbon), but it just changes it so much to be on a flocked tree!

Have I mentioned how much I love this new ribbon I found??  It looks perfect with the wooden spoons and gingerbread toppers (from Hobby Lobby many years ago...but I've seen them currently too!)

This year, since the flocked tree was a little bigger, I decided to mix the gingerbread and mint ornaments with some of mine and Justin's old ornaments.  We didn't use all of them, but I think this tree will be the perfect place for some of Cooper's future "hand made" ornaments as well!  I'm loving the mix of all of this!

Check out the sandpaper gingerbread man I made when I was in first grade...circa 1990!  How perfect is he???

You can find the recipe for the yummy smelling gingerbread ornaments HERE

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

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