Our little boy loves trains more than peanut butter loves jelly!  So it was only fitting that we celebrate with a vintage trains birthday party!

 A little duct tape, foam board and vinyl silhouetting by my awesome mom-in-law made the perfect entrance to our boy's party!
 This wreath was so fun to make with left over scraps of bandana, burlap and fabric.  And, it's for sale if anyone local wants it now that the party is over!
 The one thing Cooper asked for when I asked him what he wanted at his party was a "big yocamotive" that he could stick his head in for pictures!  So I painted one on foam board and daddy propped it up for us...
And then little one decided he didn't really want to take his picture in it...so we had to beg for this one!

Here are more party decorations!

The perfect thing about this party is we just used his toys to decorate!

This fabric sway took about 2-3 bandanas and probably less than 1/2 a yard of fabric.  And it was so easy.  I'm a little in love with these swags these days!

Party favors...baggage claim!

Just a bandana and a train whistle from Oriental Trading and some twine to tie it all together!

Yes, we had quesadillas.  That was the only other thing this kid requested.   And his heart was so happy to have quesadillas!
The food crates are from JoAnn Fabrics.

All of these printables from the party, plus custom invitations and thank you notes can be found HERE.

Thanks to my sister-in-law for the gorgeous cookies!  Order yours HERE!

Thanks again to Shelby Lynn's for an amazing cake....if only it were a white background and not teal. Yeah, I actually had them write, "no teal!" on the ticket.  But it's okay, they offered to redo or give me a free replacement cake on my account....so free cake is in our future!  Hard to be too mad when it still turned out super cute!

Along with water, we had "diesel fuel" aka unsweet tea to drink.  Love how perfect this train turned out for holding sweetener!  Gotta credit my momma for this idea!

"All Aboard!!"

He was in awe of his "monowail." <3

Love this hat haired boy!!

Dear Cooper,

Happy birthday week to you, my sweet little one, turning 3 on the 28th!  We've almost survived the terrible twos...

...and BOY were they TERRIBLE...

Everyone told me, "Welcome to the terrible twos," after your last birthday.  And I cringed every time. Not because I didn't think we'd have some terrible moments...because we DID have some terrible moments....

You became a pro at walking, running, and jumping.  You were unstoppable.  You even got away from us many, many times.  I remember watching you as you were falling several times and I couldn't get there fast enough.  It was almost like a slow motion camera playing through my mind as you fell.

You were are quite the "tripper."  Like the time you busted your head open in Disney World 10 minutes after we checked into the hotel.

You threw many fits, tantrums, and went all out Mr. Fussy Pants on several occasions.  

You tore up many things of ours...if it had a sticker on it and was in your reach, it was pretty much a goner.  Glasses were broken, papers ripped, and chairs turned over...

You depantsed yourself multiple times in the house, and luckily only a few times outside in our front yard.

You pottied in places only boy mommies would know about...and then some.

You spit food out of your mouth.  At our house.  At restaurants.  

You screamed at inappropriate times...even as quiet as you are, it would just "come over you" at times...

You bit.

You hit.

You kicked.

You said, "no."  Like 5 gazillion times.  And then some more.

But I prayed for these moments.  Sweet toddler of mine, during the years your daddy and I prayed for you, I hurt a little each time I heard someone tell of their "terrible twos" experience in a frustrated way.  Because I would've given anything to have those terrible experiences with my own toddler.

And then, God gave us our turn.  And, yes, we had our terrible moments.  But that did not define you, my love.  You are not any of those terrible things.  Most days...

You are calm and quiet.
You are a thinker.
You are creative.
You are a caretaker.
You are kind to others.
You are mannerly.
You are a great, healthy eater.
You are gentle.
You are obedient.
You love Jesus, your family and your friends.
You are loved.
You are a Child of God.
And you are ours.

Mommy loves you, Boo Bear!

Don't let anyone ever tell you you're anything but TERRIFIC!
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