Books for October

I recently became a consultant for Usborne Books and I'm already LOVING the wonderful books they offer.  My 4 year old absolutely loves his interactive books and reads them all the time!

But Usborne also has some GREAT books for the classroom.  So let's talk about some amazing books to use as read alouds or interactive books in science or social studies to use in a literacy station as well!

Human Body Books

October is a great time to learn about the human body!  I always love hanging our skeletons up in October as we learn about bones!  And our human body posters make fun Halloween/Science decor too!

These Shine-A-Light books are so interactive and perfect to put at a science or exploration station. Watch a video on how they work here...

My preschooler is hooked to these books and who doesn't love getting to use a flashlight?  I'm pretty sure everytime I break out the flashlights in my first grade classroom, I get the cool teacher award! :)

And here are some more amazing, fact filled books on the human body that would make awesome read alouds or classroom library books!  Just click the covers below to take a closer look!

Animal Books

October is also a great time to read and research nocturnal animals like bats.  My first graders LOVE our 6-week integrated animals unit and I love having great read alouds for this unit as well as hands on interactive books that kids can explore and read in our science station or classroom library!  (Click the pics for links)

These books are the PERFECT resource for our animal research projects!  The Pocket Books series have a book for each animal group as well! (Click the pics for links)

Here are a few more of our favorite animal books (Click the pics for links):

Halloween Books

And if you have a little one at home, you will want to check out these favorite Halloween books!

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