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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Dr. Seuss Week with Preschoolers

Dr. Seuss week is one of my favorites in the classroom (read about it here) and I'm sad I'll be missing out on it this we brought some Dr. Seuss fun home this week!

Green Eggs and Ham Rhyme Match

My preschooler loves matching games so we pulled out my rhyming match cards that go with Green Eggs and Ham and have played a few games already this week!  Even for a preschooler, this game was so helpful in practicing our phonemic awareness and listening for rhyming sounds as mommy read the words!

Rhyming Hats

We read The Cat in the Hat.  Then, Cooper loved seeing how "tall" we could make the cat's hat by adding more rhyming words!

And then we Daddy came home from the gym, Cooper begged him to join our game!  So we played a family game of "pass the pen."

These hats are also great in the classroom for pass the pen, independent practice for stations or doing a carousel activity whole group!

Dr. Seuss Snacks

The best part about celebrating Dr. Seuss' birthday at home this year will be the fun snacks!  My little guy is going to go crazy when we make these snacks this year! :)

All of these activities and much much more can be found in my Dr. Seuss packet.