Vowel Chunk Sound Motions

As we've talked about many times in this corner of cyber space, I refuse to make teaching phonics a drag anymore.  I've been there and done that and it. is. miserable.

We've chatted about how I turned my phonics into a predictable and engaging routine that's quick and interactive using this interactive digital curriculum.

And we've talked about the emoji stories I use to teach the phonics sounds and engage kids.

Today let's talk about a piece of both of these things I've mentioned here and there, but never fully explained or shared: Vowel sound motions.  I've had several people ask about what motions I have my kids do for the sounds.  Let's talk about that today!

When I first introduce a sound, I tell the story about the letters and attach a motion to it.  For example, when I teach about ir, er, and ur, we talk about how they are teenagers just learning how to drive.

"IR, ER, and UR are teenagers that are learning how to drive.  BUT they are TERRIBLE drivers.  So every time they get behind the wheel to drive they end up driving crazy and going too fast and they have to slam on their brakes.  Guess what sound they make when they slam the brakes?  "ERRRRRRR" and I put my foot out like I'm pushing the brakes and hold on to my pretend steering wheel and say, "ERRRRRRR!"

We have motions for our most common vowel sounds.

The vowel sounds on our vowel charts that follow the long vowel sound (ea, oa, ie, etc...) we do not have motions for.  Those follow the "When 2 vowels go walking, the first one does the talking" rule.  We use this video's catchy tune when introducing these and all that is needed when they are decoding is the prompt, "When 2 vowels go walking..."

The vowel sounds that have motions are mostly vowel digraph sounds that cannot be decoded otherwise!

As we learn the sounds, we do the motions as we read our chart!  You can find a description of the stories I use and photos or videos of the motions I use in this resource!  The awesome thing is watching my kinesthetic learners moving to the vowel motions as they decode new words!!
(Note: if you have my Emoji Stories, some of the stories were changed slightly to match the emoji on the anchor chart.  The stories in this resource are the ones I originally used...no, it doesn't matter which stories you use!  Just use what engages your kids!)

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