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How did you get started making your own stuff?
I've always been a computer gal.  And I'm totally a perfectionist.  I think I've maybe bought 2 teacher resource workbooks in my entire career just because they weren't "quite right."  So wanting everything to be just so-so and being pretty capable of using a computer, I just started making stuff myself.  I got ideas from all over the place, but then changed it to fit my needs and the needs of my kids.

Why did you start selling products?
Why NOT? is my question!!  Once I found TPT and Teachers Notebook, I just started uploading products I had already made.  The first time I got an email saying I'd sold a product, I was HOOKED!  What easier way to make some extra spending cash then to upload materials I was making for my own kiddos anyways and let other people pay me for it?!?

How can I get set up?
There are plenty of people willing to pay for products because they don't want to "reinvent the wheel" themselves.  If you have materials you think are ready to sell, set up a TPT seller's account here...

And while you're at it, use me as your reference and I'll get credit too! :)


Where do you get all of your cute stuff?
I mostly use My Cute Graphics for clipart because #1 it's cute and #2 it's FREE!  I don't pay for cute stuff unless I have too!  They have almost everything I need for material clipart!  Also, they have a ton of cute frames and page borders that I use too--for FREE!

If I buy anything, it's usually backgrounds.  Those are harder to find for free online...trust me I've looked. {And if you have any great FREE resources, please leave a comment and let me know!}  I shop Etsy for those.  I can't really say that I have a favorite seller.  I seem to buy from a different person each time.  I just search for digital backgrounds and then whatever theme I'm looking for like, "chevron digital backgrounds" or "western digital backgrounds."  You can usually get 10+ backgrounds for $2 or less... And it doesn't take many purchases.  Over the entire time I've done this, I've spent a total of less than $20 on digital clipart and backgrounds from Etsy...and I've made that back from sells and then some!

Just be careful that you read and make sure it's okay for commercial use if you plan to sell.

What about fonts?
There are several websites that offer free fonts for commercial use.  My favs are:
*Font Squirrel - because I can filter by commercial use only...that way I don't get distracted! :)
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