Meet the Teacher

I'm Whitney and I'm just a girl from Arkansas who is living life one day at a time!

At school, I teach first grade.  I earned my Masters Degree in Early Childhood in 2006 just down the road at the University of Arkansas {WOOOOO PIG SOOIE!}.  I landed my first job as a first grade teacher - the only grade I had NO experience in...yikes! - at a brand new school.  I was Scared.To.Death of first grade, but I absolutely fell in love on day one!  I've been in first grade since then and can't imagine being anywhere else....for now!

At church, I volunteer teach preschoolers in Sunday School and absolutely LOVE it!  This is my 13th year teaching preschoolers and they are just my favorite!

At home, in all of my spare time (ha!), I homeschool my preschooler.  As a first grade teacher, I always knew parents were the first *teacher*, but now I KNOW.  I am Cooper's first teacher.  Everything I do teaches him something...{that'll keep ya livin' right!}  You just can't beat the power of teaching your own children!

My sweet family of them!
All photo credits go to my talented father-in-law!

I started blogging in 2014.  On my blog, you can read about my journeys teaching first grade at school, preschool at church and homeschooling my preschooler in between.

In 2011, I opened my Teachers Pay Teachers store.  I love sharing real, practical resources I've tested and used in my own first grade classroom, Preschool church class and even a few homeschooling resources I use with my son.  I am passionate about creating curriculum guides and fully integrated units to use in my own classroom and share in my store!  I am a self-proclaimed OCD teacher and math junkie so you will find lots of those resources in my store as well!


In my down time, you can connect with me on Facebook or Instagram.  And be sure and sign up for my email newsletter for exclusive content, sales and freebies!

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