Hoppy Easter!

Yes, I'm corny.  Come by it naturally! {Proof: morning text messages between my mom, dad, brother and me included phrases like "Hoppy Easter," "Have an Eggcelent day," "Eggsactly," and "Happy Easter to all of our Peeps!"  I love my corny family!}

We got so busy this week with Cinderella business {plus I was out one day for a meeting}, that we just didn't get to much first grade Easter stuff this week. At all.  There's always next year, right??

But my Easter weekend was jam.PACKED! with family, fun and lots of memories.  So here's to a more personal post today!

As a word of caution: If you don't want to see like a bazillion Easter pictures of my family and the cutest toddler on the planet, then just stop reading now.  You have been warned...

We started off our Easter weekend early by taking family pictures on Thursday afternoon.  I feel so incredibly blessed to not only have a father-in-law that is a photographer, but to have one that is the BEST photographer around!  Each time we take pictures I think that they are for sure my favorite.  Until the next shooting. And the next. And the next...
 Bringing the oxfords back...

I just love my sweet little family of 3...


On Saturday, we went to our church's Easter Egg Hunt.  And hunted eggs.  That is if you call "hunting for eggs" slowly strolling through the grass while 2 and 3 year olds run by you full speed ahead...

Cooper ended up with 3 eggs. Three! But he didn't care.  He had a blast just putting those three in his bucket.  And then stealing his cousin Jax's Easter eggs from his basket...

Ahhh, cousin love.  Hey! A boy's gotta take care of himself, right??  At least he gave Jax a "thank you" hug after politely snatching them from his basket...

I have a feeling next year's hunt is going to be a little bit more of a faster pace. And more of a fight from Jax on Easter eggs!

When we got home, we dyed Easter eggs.  Cooper was less than thrilled about this after the first few minutes or so.  But he manage to survive it all and even gave us a smile or two!
Ready to get his dye on! Thanks for the bunny glasses, Mimi and Doc!

We added our dyed eggs to my fresh tulips and I think it looks perfect!

Even though Sunday was Easter, Cooper got one of his gifts from the Easter Bunny early on Saturday.  Sunday was busy enough as it was and we wanted him to have time to play with it.  Plus, how was said "Easter Bunny" supposed to fit that in a basket?!?!

Sunday we went to church, just like normal.  For a lot of people, Easter is one of the few Sundays they come to church.  But not us.  So, in some ways, Easter Sunday is just your normal Sunday for our family.  But this year, I started thinking about Easter from God's perspective.

See, I've always thought about Jesus, and his sacrifice, and how unselfishly amazing that is.
Jesus, and his resurrection, and how miraculous that is.
Jesus, and his atonement, and how merciful that is.

But teaching my Preschool Sunday School babies about the Easter story gave me a new perspective this year.  We are using John 3:16 as our unit Bible verse and we have been practicing it all month.

"For God so loved the world, that He **gave** his only son..." John 3:16

I've read this popular verse a thousand times.  I've heard it quoted from the pulpit just as many times.  I've even heard my pastor preach on this verse specifically and the word GAVE in the verse.  But until quoting it with my 3 and 4 year olds, I never quite {{got}} it.  Our Heavenly Father gave his son.  His baby.  His pride and joy.  His beloved.  His one and only.  And He did that for the "best" and the "worst."  Including me.  Including you.

When I think about how much I love my son, my only son, I am overwhelmed.  Who would've thought that I could be capable of such a strong and unique love? And yet, I am so UNwillingly to choose to give my son to die. Not gonna happen people.  Not now.  Not ever.  Not if I have my way.  But God did choose to give His only son.  And why?  Because of his love for me and you.  I'm sorry, ya'll, but there's not one person on this planet that I would willingly sacrifice my son's life for.  Not one.

What a humbling feeling to see God's love for me through my mommy lenses.  It gives me just a bit more of an understanding of the sacrifice that God gave {not just Jesus} as well as the depth of love He has for me.

After church, we went over to my in-laws' house for Easter lunch and a family egg hunt.  With only two egg hunters this time, and Cooper being the oldest by almost 11 months, this hunt was more his speed!  

I stuffed a few eggs with one M&M, goldfish, cheerios, animal crackers, wheat thins, and quarters.  I know some of those "stuffings" sound less-than-stellar, but our little guy was ecstatic about it all--especially the quarters!  You can't have Easter celebrations without sweets, but I didn't want to go over board for my healthy-eating toddler!  What's important is that he enjoy it.  And he did!  AND he also requested that we pray before Every.Single.Egg.  He would not eat anything in an egg unless we had prayed...Guess he's got that down!

I left a few of the eggs empty because I had so many eggs.  But during the hunt I just casually made a comment about it being like Jesus' tomb {like one of those ideas that just randomly pops in your head out of no where and you pretend like you planned it that way all along!!}  It might be kinda corny, but I actually thought that might become a tradition for our little family--leave a few eggs empty as a simple reminder of the resurrection! What's the prize in a "empty tomb" egg?? Salvation, of course! {Don't remember who exactly to credit that thought to, but it was one of my family members, and not me!}

Plus,  Cooper got to dig in to his Easter basket from Mom & Dad! {bucket was inspired by Pinterest!}

I can't imagine a more perfect way to celebrate the resurrection of my Savior and the undeniably selfless gift God gave me!


  1. Hi Whitney, I adore your beautiful family of three and your little guy is so adorable. So glad I am following your blog and have another first grade blogging friend!
    Deb at Fabulously First

    1. Thank you! I just followed you on Blog Lovin. Glad to find more first grade friends!


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