Almost 2...

I cannot believe that my baby is almost 2!

I'm in the throws of planning Cooper's 2nd birthday party and taking a break to reminisce.  And since I've only been blogging since January, and want part of this blog to be a collection of memories for Cooper, I thought I'd take a stroll down memory lane and blog about Cooper's first birthday party.

After looking through his 2 year pictures again, it's hard to believe how tiny our little caterpillar was almost a year ago!

What a fun, fun party The Very Hungry Caterpillar made.  Teacher mommy or was super fun to plan and experience. Invitation was ordered on Etsy.

I made his month by month pictures into a caterpillar display for the tables.

El-Cheapo welcome sign for the door out of cardboard box cutouts, tissue paper and lots of hot glue!
A yard of fabric goes a long, long way!

Thank you station set up on our entry table for guests to sign Cooper's pop-up caterpillar book with well wishes.  I still tear up reading through all of the sweet notes!

And the fireplace chinese lantern caterpillar.  So fun!

 ...I just loved these upside down ice cream cones {stored on mini-cupcake liners}!

The cake.  Shelby Lynn's does the BEST job.  From our wedding cake, to birthday cakes to iced cookies.  Every time I'm blown away!

Such special memories with our special boy!  And now that we've moved out of our house, it's just that much more sentimental! *tear*
 {on a side note, looking back also makes me realize just how much wait my hubby has lost since January.  85 pounds and counting.  So proud!}

Although I'm a little sad that my baby is growing up, I can't wait to celebrate his life and the life he's given us!

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