Fall Family Lovin'

CAUTION: Personal Post!

This past weekend, my amazingly talented father-in-law took family pictures for our Christmas cards...and well, I just can't wait until December to share these precious pictures!

I love that every photo shoot we do perfectly captures Cooper's personality and my family's personality!

Last week we took pictures with my in-laws for their Christmas cards and we snapped these adorable pics of Cooper and his sweet cousin Jax!

Then Saturday, our family of 3 took these perfect pictures!
 Rolling in the leaves...
 "um-eer"...translated, "Come here!"

 Cutest pouty lip ever!

 Be. Still. My. Heart.

 Mommy's boy!

 I love our silly family!


Yes, there are a gazillion pictures of my sweet family, but when so many are so good, how am I supposed to pick just one?? :)

Thank you Lord for a beautiful, fun, silly, and loving family.  My blessings do not go unnoticed!

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