Trick or Treat: 2014

We had a fun-filled Halloween at school and at home!

Last weekend we went to the pumpkin patch and painted pumpkins!  Here's Cooper's pumpkin he picked out to paint!

 I painted pumpkins for a measuring unit at school...

And Justin continued his annual: "Let Cooper pick a Disney character and I'll find a way to carve it into the pumpkin" tradition....Woody turned out pretty cute!  Too bad he was almost completely molded less than 36 hours later.  Poor guy didn't even make it to Halloween!

I found a felt Christmas tree last year on Pinterest, but decided to save the fun for #ApartmentLife this year...and then last weekend I decided it might be fun to make a build-your-own felt jack-o-lantern!  Cooper LOVED it!
 ...except he thought his jack-o-lantern needed ears....:)
 ...and "airuh" {Hair}...silly boy!
Since I work full time and am not able to be a stay at home mommy all year long, I have to find a way to *feel* like a stay-at-home mommy sometimes.  And one of the ways I do that is by making fun holiday lunches for C.  Here was his Halloween menu:

*creepy crawly turkey bites
*ghostly bananas
*jack-o-lantern crackers
*franken-guac :)

Justin took off Halloween and spent the day with Coop {lucky duck!}  I met up with them after school and we trick or treated at my Father-in-law's work, Auntie "Ammee's" {Amber's} house, and "Ty-Ty" and "Lo-Lo's" {Uncle Tyler and Aunt Loren's} house.  Then, we spent the rest of the evening with sweet friends!

This year's costume was 100% daddy's idea....presenting the *incredible* DASH!
 This.Kid.  He kills me!  Every time we told him to stand like Dash, we got a different stance!

And last, but NOT least, my fantastic team!  We were the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles...errr....Teachers!  And our interns were TNT's....Turtles in Training!  2nd place at school....
...Not too bad, unless you are our first grade team and used to winning 1st place...a LOT!  Oh, well, there's always next year!

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