Family Time: St. Choo-Choo-is

Hello 2nd week of my October break...I am currently loving year round school! {Catch me in June...hopefully I'll still be loving it!}

Last week, our family took a long weekend vacay to St. Louis.  I had never been there so I was excited to check it out and it just so happened that St. Louis has a TON of train things to do in the city so it was the perfect trip for our train obsessed 3 year old!  Here's a look at what we did...

We stayed at Union Station Hotel, which was hands down the best decision we made.  This hotel is nothing short of AMAZING!

The lobbies of this place were just gorgeous!

This is the grand lobby.  Cooper just grinned from ear to ear from the moment we walked in!  This picture is from Saturday when they were setting up for a wedding {wouldn't that be awesome to have a reception some place like this??}  And at night they have a light show that plays every hour on the walls and was perfect.  Just. Perfect.

Friday we went to the St. Louis Zoo.  It was a great zoo, but I will say that going in October is probably not the best time...some of the exhibits were closed down and it was a bit on the chilly side, but it was still fun!

Friday evening we went to the City Museum...this was the biggest disappointment of the weekend.  This museum is probably best for teenagers or at least 10 and up.  There was one small room for toddlers, but other than that it was just a huge building of dark tunnels and hide out spots.  And I was a nervous wreck--and I'm typically not a nervous mommy on stuff like this!  Cooper will enjoy it years down the road, but I wish we would've gone to the Magic House Kids Museum instead.

Saturday we went to the Museum of Transportation just outside of St. Louis.  I think this was one of our favorites.  They had a huge train yard with lots of trains to climb on and walk through!

Isn't this face hilarious??? Not even sure what this was about, because he was the happiest kid here...looks like he was trying a little to hard to force a "cheeeeeeeese!" :)


This means nothing to most of you I'm sure, but I had to have a picture of my boys beside a Cotton Belt train for my grandpa was from Fordyce, Arkansas and always told stories about the Cotton Belt.  Goodness, I miss my grandpa on days like this when I have a flood of memories come back to me!

The train museum also had a visitor center and a play area where Cooper got to drive his own train!  He loved that!

But this face, ya'll.  This is why we did so much train stuff this weekend.  This may be a blurry picture, but this was the face every time we saw a train.  He was just in awe!

We also rode the Charlie Brown Pumpkin Express that went out from our Union Station hotel on a "weal twain" as Cooper said!

He got to pick out and decorate his own pumpkin while we waited...

All Aboard!

You know, just ridin' a train, sippin' my cider!

We listed to the Charlie Brown story...

And even got to meet Lucy and Snoopy!

Sunday, we went to Grant's farm and fed the baby goats {who tried to eat Mommy's shirt!! :)}

And rode a horse....

And rode a camel...

Before we left town Sunday, we found a train in a state park outside of Eureka, Missouri and rode a 2 mile train ride for $8 for all of us!  Best deal of the weekend and so fun!

Thank you, Jesus, for relaxing time with my sweet family!

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