Book Study: The Reading Strategies Book

Hey ya'll!  I am so excited to link up with my blogger friend Crystal from Teaching Little Miracles.  We are doing a book study on The Reading Strategies Book, by Jennifer Serravallo.  This book is jam packed with 300 best practice strategies to help readers of all levels.  I'm so excited to study this book...especially since I am temporarily out of the classroom with my little guy!  But I also think this is going to help me with some kids I am tutoring this summer!  I would love for you to join in on this book study with us!  Just grab the book here {affiliate link}.

This week we are talking about the "Getting Started" section.  Over the next weeks, we will discuss two of her goals each week!

The "Getting Started" section was mainly about how Jennifer sets up the book.  I LOVE that she has this set up by goals.  So, if I know my reading friends are struggling with main idea, I can flip right over to that goal section and get strategies INSTANTLY to help my kids find the main idea of a non-fiction text.  I also love that she gives suggested reading levels for the goals and strategies too.

Jennifer likens this book to a cookbook--a book of her favorite reading recipes and I can definitely see why.  I find the strategy I need for RTI groups, guided reading groups, or my mini-lesson for Readers Workshop and BAM!...just follow the reading recipe she has lined out for us (with my own personal twist of course!)  Ya'll, I'm telling ya!  There's some GOOD STUFF in this book right here.  I'm so stinkin' excited to learn more! :)

For this week, I'll leave you with my excitement for this study and a powerful quote that stood out to me at the end of this chapter.  Jennifer talks about Common Core and the ever changing political and education scene of standards, core teaching focuses, and standardized test that go along with it.  And no matter the changes, this rings so true to me...

"Whatever state you teaching in, and whatever the way the political winds are blowing...I want us to remember these very important principles of good teaching: We must meet children where they are, we must understand them well to teach them, and we must offer them the right amounts of supports and challenges to grow.  ...I don't believe any standards would change my opinion about these principles."

It's like she was writing my own thoughts (read this post!)  Can't wait to read more of this book with you all!

Here's a schedule for what we'll be reading and studying each week.  Grab the book and join us in the fun!

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