Modern Stock Photo Classroom Decor

I love decorating my classroom!  But I really love getting pieces for my decor and bulletin boards that are tried and true and can go with lots of themes!  And that's exactly what this modern stock photo decor set does.  I love that it's simple and easy to read for emerging readers.  I love the real photos used throughout to help support those ELL babies.  And I love the flexibility of this set to go with lots of themes!

Here's a closer look at some of the decor sets from this decor bundle.

Every bulletin board looks better with pennants! #teachertruth

This set comes with word wall sized letter cards, the first 100 Fry sight words, plus some of the 200 words, color words, number words to ten, months and days of the week.  And they all come with black on white or white on black cards. (Some of the specialty words come with photos or colors as shown.)

Plus, all of the Fry sight words included are the same sight words used in my first grade digital phonics curriculum!

Still prefer doing an old fashioned calendar over the digital calendar format?  This set has you covered!

In this black and white set, dates 1-31 are available in white or black so you can build your own patterns each month.  American holiday cards and birthday cards are included with photo backgrounds.

Month cupcakes are available in white or black with black or white candles.

Or, if you'd rather have the birthdays all in one spot, use this printable to write in names in each month!  This is a super easy reminder to have right by your desk if you're like me and kid birthday's sneak up on you!

If you want to change up this packet, just copy the white background pieces on bright colored paper!  I love the flexibility of this packet!

Here's a look at some other pieces included in this calendar packet!

And that's not all!  This Modern Decor Bundle includes tons more posters, charts, editable decor basics, labels and much more!  Grab this bundle at a big discount here!

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