Stained Glass Cross

Stained glass has always been a favorite of mine!  So this year, we made stained glass crosses for Easter to hang on our refrigerator at home.  This is a simple activity that kids and adults can enjoy!

I printed out the stained glass cross from this Easter unit.  Then, I just colored in the pieces using lots of bright colors.

Side you have a favorite "strategy" for coloring in stained glass?  Between this activity and the sidewalk chalk activity we did recently, I've learned that I like to color one color at a time.  I use a crayon to color in two pieces and then move on to the next color.

But my seven year old colors one piece at a time, switching as he goes!  It's fun to watch and see how each one of us color differently!

Okay... back on track!

After we color, we cut out the cross on the dotted lines to leave the Bible verse around the edge of the cross.

At this point, we backed ours on colored paper to hang on the fridge for lots of bright, Spring color!

But you can also back it on cardstock (or print the cross out on white cardstock) and punch a hole and tie a string through the top to make an ornament!

You can find this activity plus lots more in this "Jesus Died for Me" Easter Unit.

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