How To Use PowerPoint in Google Classroom

Some of the questions I get from teachers all the time are, "Can I use your powerpoint resources in Google Classroom?" or "Will the powerpoint resources work in Google Slides?"

YES!  Absolutely!  If you have a powerpoint presentation or interactive slides that you use whole group in your classroom, you can use those in Google Classroom as assignments for your students.  Let's talk about the super easy steps to uploading PowerPoints to Google Classroom and important things to know and do to use them effectively.

Step 1: Upload Your PowerPoint to Google Drive

Go to your Google Drive by logging in (or setting up a google drive) here.

Find the folder you want the powerpoint file to be in and click the large plus sign "new" button in the top left.

Scroll down and click "File upload."

Now your powerpoint file is in the Google Drive folder.  You know it is still a powerpoint because you will see the powerpoint thumbnail to the left of the file name.

Step 2: Convert the PowerPoint file to Google Slides

Now that your powerpoint resource is uploaded to Google Drive, you will want to convert it to Google Slides so that you can easily assign and use the resource in Google Classroom.

Double click on the powerpoint file to open it up.  Then, click "Open With."

In that drop-down menu, click "Google Slides."

This will open up this resource in Google Slides.  At this point, your file is still a powerpoint file, but it is open is Slides.  (Notice the orange .PPTX box in orange after the title below? That tells you it's still a powerpoint file!)  You want to SAVE it as a Google Slides file so that you can use it in Google Classroom.

To do this, go to "File" and then "Save As Google Slides."

Step 3: Assign in Google Classroom

Now that you have a Google Slides file, you are ready to assign it in Google Classroom.

Log in to your Google Classroom account with your gmail account.  Then, choose the class you want to assign the Google Slides resource to.

Click on the "Classwork" tab at the top of the screen.

Choose "+ Create"... the big blue button in the top left.

This will open a drop down menu.  Choose "Assignment."

Type in your title and description.  Then, Click "Add."

Choose "Google Drive" to add the Slides resource you've converted.  (Note... if you just want to upload a pdf or another file from you computer, you can do that here to by choosing "file."

Now you want to make a copy for each student.  This will allow them to edit the assignment and it will also make sure that they can only edit their assignment--and not everyone else's! :)

It's time to assign!  Click the blue "Assign" button to assign it immediately.  Or click the drop down arrow beside "Assign" to schedule it to be assigned later on.

Woohoo!! You're PowerPoint-turned-Google Slides resource is now assigned to your students to digitally complete using Google Classroom!

I have many powerpoint resources in my store, like the phonics unit that is shown in the photo examples, that can easily be converted to Slides and you can find those links below.  

NOTE: any animation or timers will not convert correctly to Slides. 

Phonics Interactive Powerpoint: FREEBIE Calendar Math Wall: Kindergarten, 1st Quarter Digital Number Talks FREEBIE

Want to use your powerpoint file in a different app or platform?  Use this blogpost to help you find exactly how to do it!

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