5 Favorite Sunday School Lessons for Kids

I don't know that there is much that I love more than teaching Preschool Sunday School.  Teaching kids about Jesus is beyond rewarding.  But also, preschoolers are the absolute BEST!  

And I learned eons ago when I started teaching PreK Sunday School that my preschoolers were going to need some hands on engaging activities to help us all survive and thrive our Sunday School hour! :)

Here's a look at 5 of my favorite Sunday School lessons for kids.  (Yes, it was HARD to narrow it down.  So, if you're like me and want to see the entire list, download the free Sunday School pacing guide for all of my lessons PreK - 2nd grade)

The 7 Days of Creation

Well, if we're making a list, we might as well start at the very beginning!

I think I love teaching preschoolers about the seven days of creation because there's so much "preschool stuff" in there.  Counting, the world around us, sequencing...

And while I know my main goal is teaching kids about Jesus, if we can work in some other content with it, my teacher heart calls that a win!

You can read all of the details about these lessons and activities in this 7 days of Creation blog post.

God Gives Family

This families of the Bible unit is another one I love because of the extra content we can add in there.  I love teaching these lessons in between Mother's Day and Father's Day.  And any Bible unit that can teach kids more about their world--like family--is a big win!

These family units have all of the favorites: family Bible stories, handprint crafts, and engaging exploration stations.  Read more about these Family Bible lessons in this blog post.

Moses & Manna Games

Games are another HUGE hit for my preschoolers.  This Manna game during our Moses unit goes down as one of the forever favorites for my littles!

It's super low prep, and has such a huge impact!  Find out how to play in this blog post on the Manna game from our Moses unit.

The Fruit of the Spirit

If you can't teach 'em with games, teach 'em with FOOD!  This Fruit of the Spirit unit was one of the first Bible units I ever wrote.

I love how well the Fruit of the Spirit goes with character education that we do so much with younger kids.  And adding fresh fruit snacks made it even better and more engaging!

This Fruit of the Spirit stamping book is one of my all time favorites and is sure to have you kids licking their lips and learning how to be more like Jesus all at the same time!  Read our routines for the stamping Fruit of the Spirit book here.

Love One Another

Another thing I love to do with Sunday School lessons is connect them with holidays.  Christmas and Easter are obvious ones for Sunday School.  But I also love making Bible units for Thanksgiving and for Valentine's Day.

Why is Valentine's Day not a more religious holiday?  I mean, God's greatest two commandments are LOVE God and LOVE others.... how have we missed this opportunity?!? :)

In Preschool Sunday School, exploration stations are one of our favorite routines.  This is a time for kids to come in to the class and start playing and exploring with something related to our lesson or unit. 

And this Love One Another unit is no different!  Read more details about this Love One Another unit here.

What is your favorite thing to teach in Sunday School?

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