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February is black history month, which fits in perfectly with our Common Core American Contributors unit! So our week was packed full of activities straight from that unit!This week we learned about several African Americans who played an important role in making our lives better.  
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Since we learned about Abraham Lincoln and his idea to end slavery, starting off our black history celebration with Harriet Tubman was a perfect transition!

We read the Harriet Tubman book from my {{favorite}} rookie biography series.

We charted our learning from the book.

Then, we added her bright idea to our light bulb and wrote about her contribution in our "bright ideas" booklet.

Tuesday, we read about Jackie Robinson and charted his learning as well.  We did not add him to our booklet or do a whole lot with him because we had a field trip Tuesday!

Next, we read about George Washington Carver.  My firsties were so amazed that he invented 300 things from peanuts!  We charted our learning about GWC and wrote an opinion piece about why he was such a great person.

We also added him to our "bright ideas" booklet.

Thursday, we read Martin's Big Words.  We watched Dr. King's "I Have A Dream" speech here.  My kids really enjoyed watching the video.  We talked a lot about his famous line, "my four children will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character."  {Those words choke me up. Every. Time.}  We talked about what those words mean.  One of the main reasons I love teaching first graders is their innocence and acceptance.  They are always baffled about why people would treat others so differently because of skin color.

...what happens inside of some people that it changes just a few short years later??...I've never spoken to a first grader that thought racism was ok...  {stepping off my soap box!}

We charted our learning about Dr. King.

I had planned on having students write about their own personal dreams and make this MLK craft from my American Contributors unit, but time just didn't let that happen this week!

We wrote about Dr. King in our "bright ideas" booklet.  We added his contribution to our lightbulb chart.  Then, we used our OREO graphic organizer again to write an opinion writing about MLK.

Friday we discussed the difference between fact and opinion sentences {read more details on fact and opinion HERE.}  I have been having students write sentences like, "Martin Luther King fought for equal rights" as their topic sentence for our opinion writing....SOOO...we sorted fact and opinion sentences about our African-American contributors we learned about this week.  We read and sorted the sentences all together at first, but by the time we got to the last two sentences, they were able to sort on their own! We also highlighted the clue words for opinion sentences {best, nicest, like...} I'm looking forward to seeing the big difference this makes in their opinion writing next week!

Grab this black history fact/opinion sort FREEBIE from my store!

Next week we will be talking about the electrical contributions made by inventors {cue the lightbulb and electricity experiments!}
We have been celebrating President's Day all WEEK in our classroom and the kids are totally in to it!  It always amazes me how interested they get in history and how different things were...

Monday was all about George Washington.  Tuesday and Wednesday I was out at workshops.  So Thursday was all about Honest Abe.
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We read this book on Abraham Lincoln.

The kids LOVED the format of this book!  We charted our learning as we read...
{Liquid chalk pens have in the anchor chart's soooo much easier than white crayon! And shows up better too!}

Then we added Lincoln's contribution to his light bulb hanging above our groups in our room.

We also wrote his contribution in our Bright Ideas booklet from this American Contributors Unit packet.

Friday was all about comparing the two presidents and choosing our favorite.

We started by doing a Venn Diagram together to compare similarities and differences between Abe and George.  Then, the kids did their own Venn Diagram independently.

Later, we graphed our favorite president.  

Common Core Unit 5 is when we introduce opinion writing.  We introduce opinion writing with this OREO graphic organizer and anchor chart.

You can find this anchor chart template in my store.  My firsties learn to love opinion writing quickly because I choose one day a week randomly to pass out Oreos to students who have a "full" opinion piece.  For those that only have an opinion sentence and nothing else...they get the top cookie of the Oreo and nothing else!  They love this reward, but it's also good for them to see that it's less enjoyable to read opinion pieces with one sentence, just as much as it's less enjoyable to eat only part of an Oreo!

We voted for our favorite president.  16 firsties chose Washington and only 6 chose Lincoln.  It's so funny to me because there is always an overwhelming majority one way of the other {despite my forcing them to make their own decisions...eyes closed and all!}  And as my team and I were all hanging our presidents out in the hallway, it was fun to see how the other classes voted too!  After only a week of writing opinion writing, my kiddos did fantastic! I was so proud of them.  Several of them even had written so much information that they needed more than one paper!

And I think their crafts turned out so stinkin' cute!  I love how I can see all of their little personalities come through in our craftivities!

This little Washington cracked me up! He insisted on adding curls to George's hair!

Our hallway is so patriotic this week! I love it!!

Next week we are moving on to the contributions of leaders in black history! Bring on MLK, Harriet Tubman, Jackie Robinson and George Washington...Carver {not confusing at ALL!}

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Happy President's Day, ya'll!

In Room 210 in the yellow hallway, it's Happy President's WEEK!  Today was our first day with our Common Core, Unit 5: American Contributors Who Have Bright Ideas!

So, this week, in honor of President's week Day, our American Contributors that we are learning about are George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.  This week's activities all come from this Presidents Comparison Pack.  It is a mini-unit, that is included in the full American Contributors unit.

Today was all about Georgie!

He was our first president, so it's only natural that we start with him!  We started by reading a non-fiction book on George Washington.  I love this set of Rookie Biographies!  They are the perfect level for first graders to understand (and some can even read them independently by now!)

We charted as we read about him.  As we read more texts this week, we will continue to add anymore little details to this chart (mainly, we are missing the fact that he is on the quarter and dollar bill!)

We started reading our Washington poem from this year long, first grade poetry pack.  We will continue to read our Washington poem this week during our shared reading time and students will add it to their poetry folders on Friday.

Then, students got our unit long, "Who Had a Bright Idea?" booklet.  We filled out our Washington page with his main contribution, "He helped our country win its freedom."  We will continue to add the contributions of other important people throughout our unit.  This booklet is also great to reread as a class during a shared reading time.

During each Common Core Unit, I change out the signs above my group tables to go along with our unit.  This unit, each table group is named for one of our contributors.  I made light bulbs out of large yellow construction paper and posted a picture of each of the 6 "focus" contributors on one side.  The other side stays blank until we add their contribution.  As we wrote George Washington's bright idea in our booklet, I added his contribution to his light bulb.  My George Washington table was *pumped* that I was writing on their table group's light bulb! It was adorable!!

Later this week, we will be learning about Abraham Lincoln, comparing the two presidents, writing an opinion piece about our favorite president, graphing our favorite president, and making a Lincoln and Washington craft!  Stay tuned...President's Day isn't just a day in our classroom.  We will be celebrating President's WEEK all week long!

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