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One of the hats I wear at our church is nursery coordinator.  And our church nursery toddler room was WAAAAAAYYYY overdue for a remodel.  Here's a close up look at our fresh redesign and how we implemented the design and remodel!
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Mural Wall

We painted 3 of the walls a gray (BEHR - galactic tint) that is used as the neutral color throughout our church.  We painted our focus/mural wall a sky blue color (BEHR - wind speed).

Then, we painted a yellow sun rising over grass.  For the sun, I just simply tied yarn around a piece of chalk and made the yarn the radius length of the sun.

Next, I held the yarn end of the string in the middle spot I marked on the wall with chalk and drew the outline of the sun with the chalk end of the string.  Chalk was much better than pencil because it wiped right off with a damp cloth!

My fabulous husband helped me measure out the sun rays.  His idea was genius and SOOOO much better than I could've done.  He drew the middle line of the ray with chalk.  Then, he measured 2 inches from each side and made a mark.  Next, he went up 12 inches and then measured 3 inches from the middle mark.  Then, using a straight edge, he connected those edges all the way from the bottom to the ceiling.  (You can change the measurements to fit the width and angles of the rays for your taste!)

After everything was marked, we taped the sun ray edges with frog tape.  It's SUPER important to use this brand name of tape.  We used this with my son's nursery at our house for his chevron feature wall and it was flawless!

Once it's taped, DON'T PAINT YELLOW!

Paint the blue color first.  This will lock in any bleed over so that if paint accidentally blends under the tape, it will bleed blue and not yellow and will not be noticeable.

Then, paint yellow.

For the grass, I used a poster and drew out the grass.  Then, I taped it to the wall and painted in the relief of the stencil.  Sorry, I didn't get pictures of that.

My goal for this mural was for it to look like silhouettes of the sun and grass.  I think that gave it the modern look I was going for and also made it super easy for me. (I'm not a talented artist for sure!)

Finally, my mother-in-law used her Silhouette machine to cut out the lyrics I designed for "This Little Light of Mine."

Cloud Window Treatments

I knew I wanted something on the windows that reminded me of clouds, but I just couldn't come up with anything that wouldn't be cheesy.

Thank goodness for creative friends!  One of my friends suggested using wooden cloud cut outs for our windows and I think it turned out perfectly!

They go with my modern/silhouette look, too.  My husband used his CNC machine to design and cut these out.  (Yes, I know how lucky I am that he is so talented!)

He cut out 3 clouds...One larger and two smaller.  Then we attached them to a cornice board to install around the window.  It's perfect!

Song Lyric Posters

To continue the bright and modern theme, I made these song lyric posters to hang on one of our walls.  We have 6 units we focus on during the year in our church nursery.  And each unit has a song we learn and sing together.  I used lyrics from these songs to make a poster for each unit.

I love how they all look together on this wall!

I'm super happy with how this remodel turned out.  I also love all of our nursery stations we made work with our small space.  But that's worth it's own blog post, so look for that post coming soon!

Here's a flashback to that time when my now preschooler was still a toddler and all the fun we had exploring all things green!  Plus, my favorite holiday lunch EVER!!

Our afternoon was all about learning the color green!  I made a sensory tub with things that were green and two things that weren't.  Instead of doing 3D objects, I did die cuts from school so we could turn our game into a book!

Cooper loved getting to dig into the oats...but got so frustrated when the oats fell out of the tub and he couldn't pick them up with his fingers!  Silly boy!

 Is the apple green?  Noooooo...
 We found the shamrock!

Then, we took all of our green die cuts {leaf, frog, tree, and shamrock} and glued them into a "Green" book.  I was super excited to make this with Cooper so he would have something to remember our game with!  Cooper?? Not so much...

He was so over it and ready to go outside and play.  So we glued our pictures down and made our book in a flash! {As the old teacher adage goes, "Modify and adjust..."}

Cooper really does love to read, so I'm hoping he'll enjoy going back and reading our green book later...we'll see if we are that *LUCKY!*

Since, I had to miss Cooper's lunch time, I packed him a *LUCKY* lunch: rainbow kabobs, pot o' gold {errrr...corn!} and lucky guacamole!

Apparently, he loved it!  So thankful my mother-in-law sent me a picture of him enjoying his lunch!

Last, but not least, Cooper had a play date with his cousin, Jax, today while I was at school.  Apparently, it was too much to ask for a picture of them together!  This one's a keeper!

Better *LUCK*, next time, boys! *wink*

I hope you had a fun-filled St. Patrick's day full of lots of love and luck!  This holiday is always a silly reminder of how "rich" and "lucky" {errr....BLESSED!} I really am!
It's been a while since I've updated this little blog. We've been a busy family the past two weeks or so. In the last week, we moved out of our apartment... **EDIT: I even started this blog a week ago and am just now having a chance to finish it...**
...and then moved in with my in-laws! We knew our new house most likely wouldn't be finished by the time our lease was up, but since it would just be a week or so, we decided not to add an extra month to our apartment lease. 

Thankfully, with just a few minor hiccups here and there, we were able to move into our new house this past Thursday! I am so thankful for such kind in-laws who let us "live" with them for a few nights while we waited on our house!

Apartment. In-laws. New house. All in 5 days. And I even finally opened an Instagram account! {Follow me HERE...I've definitely been updating more school pics there since I haven't had time for a full blog in a while!} Phew! I'm worn out! 

Needless to say, we haven't had a chance to celebrate Easter at home much yet.  But we did make time for a Good Friday Easter Egg lunch!

I "hid" lunch food inside each egg.  Eggs are the perfect serving size for toddlers, aren't they?  (EDIT: I've used these for 3 years now and they are perfect for preschoolers too, just add more eggs!)

Cooper had a BLAST trying to guess what was inside each egg!

My favorite things to pack Easter Eggs with...
*turkey or ham
*petite baby carrots
*grape tomatoes
*celery sticks
*other cold veggies: my kiddo loves cold squash/zucchini, broccoli, snap peas, etc...
*cheese cubes
*any other fruit is perfect!
*almonds or other nuts

How fun is this??  This lunch idea is definitely a keeper for the next few years!
We had a fun-filled Halloween at school and at home!

Last weekend we went to the pumpkin patch and painted pumpkins!  Here's Cooper's pumpkin he picked out to paint!

 I painted pumpkins for a measuring unit at school...

And Justin continued his annual: "Let Cooper pick a Disney character and I'll find a way to carve it into the pumpkin" tradition....Woody turned out pretty cute!  Too bad he was almost completely molded less than 36 hours later.  Poor guy didn't even make it to Halloween!

I found a felt Christmas tree last year on Pinterest, but decided to save the fun for #ApartmentLife this year...and then last weekend I decided it might be fun to make a build-your-own felt jack-o-lantern!  Cooper LOVED it!
 ...except he thought his jack-o-lantern needed ears....:)
 ...and "airuh" {Hair}...silly boy!
Since I work full time and am not able to be a stay at home mommy all year long, I have to find a way to *feel* like a stay-at-home mommy sometimes.  And one of the ways I do that is by making fun holiday lunches for C.  Here was his Halloween menu:

*creepy crawly turkey bites
*ghostly bananas
*jack-o-lantern crackers
*franken-guac :)

Justin took off Halloween and spent the day with Coop {lucky duck!}  I met up with them after school and we trick or treated at my Father-in-law's work, Auntie "Ammee's" {Amber's} house, and "Ty-Ty" and "Lo-Lo's" {Uncle Tyler and Aunt Loren's} house.  Then, we spent the rest of the evening with sweet friends!

This year's costume was 100% daddy's idea....presenting the *incredible* DASH!
 This.Kid.  He kills me!  Every time we told him to stand like Dash, we got a different stance!

And last, but NOT least, my fantastic team!  We were the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles...errr....Teachers!  And our interns were TNT's....Turtles in Training!  2nd place at school....
...Not too bad, unless you are our first grade team and used to winning 1st place...a LOT!  Oh, well, there's always next year!

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